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Frozen Yogurt Ingredients

The frozen yogurt powder is made fresh with high quality, natural ingredients and is available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours. All of our products are rich in probiotic elements which improve immune system function and keep your body healthy and strong. The extended range includes classic and flavoured frozen yogurt mix base.

Frozen Yogurt Business Options

Frozen Yoghurt StoreSelf Serve Concept

Don’t be fooled, frozen yoghurt self-serve did not out live its days in the 80s as some may want you to believe.

In a time where time, efficiency and control are paramount, the self-serve revolution is taking over. In fact, the frozen yogurt self-serve concept is all too often the deciding factor for realtors when looking for a successful business to employ in their building. They know that self-serve is on trend and the concept allows for the smooth processing of a lot of customers with lower overhead costs required. A self-serve solution is flexible and adjustable even in a small location. Tables are not required and the personnel cost is reduced at minimum. It is a novelty for people of all ages. The experience of choosing a variety of flavours and toppings depending on personal taste is unforgettable. Customers can mix flavours together to develop their own creation. They can decide on the ratio of yoghurt to toppings, and only pay for the amount they feel like eating. This concept is creative and fun for all customers!

Shop Concept

It is a beautiful concept and system that works properly when you and your collaborators are high motivated

Equipment Finance


The smart way to do business

Don’t be stuck with old equipment because you don’t have the cash on hand to upgrade. Leasing makes it easy to get the items you need to keep your small business growing.

Plus, business equipment leasing can protect your cash flow and bottom line in a number of ways:

  1. Fixed monthly payments simplify budget management
  2. Payments are likely to be tax deductible*
  3. Terms can be picked according to your cash flow – a longer term means lower monthly payments

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