Chocolate & Pastry Cabinets from Italy.

While pastry display cabinets are crucial for the proper preservation of the pastry shop’s handmade products, they are also fundamental to a number of interior design aspects. ISA designs exceptional pastry display cabinets that are also capable of serving as modern and exclusive furnishing elements. The latest arrival in terms of pastry display cabinets is the  KALEIDO , with its exclusive “Full Mode” system, which allows for each shelf to be cooled individually, as well as its special inclined display shelf, which exalts the products placed upon it by ensuring maximum visibility. ISA has thus managed to develop a model that represents a perfect blend of quality, technology and design. ISA’s most popular pastry display cabinets include:

  • MILLENNIUM PAS: a ventilated refrigeration unit with a finned evaporator. This model makes use of particularly high quality materials, with 18/10 stainless steel having been selected for the work surface and the operator-side rear panel;
  • PASTRYSHOW: this unit has three distinguishing features that have rendered it one of the most popular pastry display cabinets, offering unlimited visibility, four display surfaces, and exceptional versatility;
  • METRÒ: this unit offers an innovative type of refrigeration, with a cold air flow that evenly distributes the temperature in such a way so as to guarantee the perfect preservation of the displayed product;
  • PASTRYSUPERSHOW: this unit is available in three different heights, and is considered one of the market’s most impressive pastry display cabinets in terms of both size and elegance.

ISA was founded in Umbria, in the heart of Italy that is fashion, design and style.
Since 1963 Isa produces in its region and from there distributes worldwide refrigerated display cabinets and custom furnishings for public premises. It has established itself in professional refrigeration offering innovative products with the highest technology and reliability.

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