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Gelato Ice Cream
Blast Freezers

The ENTRY line boasts simplicity with no sacrifice to functionality as it includes the typical functions present in all Techfrost blast chillers/blast freezers.

commercial blast freezer, ice cream blast freezer machine, gelato blast freezer machine

The MASTER line of blast chillers/blast freezers are Techfrost’s top of the range, multifunctional machines that satisfy every client’s need; with up to 100mm of insulation, ergonomic handle, high power and outstanding performance.

Blast Freezer

Techfrost blast chillers are essential instruments that enable a safe, high quality food preparation. Achieving an internal temperature of -40°C in a short amount of time, Techfrost blast chillers ensure high performance and reliability.
A fast reduction of the food’s core temperatures (chilling from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes; freezing from +90°C to -18 °C in 240 minutes) inhibits the growth of micro-organisms whilst keeping the freshness and flavour of every food intact, by exposing the product to indirect airflow only.

commercial blast freezer, ice cream blast freezer machine, gelato blast freezer machine


Advantages in the safety and hygiene: the use of a blast chiller/freezer completely reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, offering total security and hygiene in the food preparation.

Qualitative advantages: with a blast chiller/freezer the qualitative characteristics of your preparations will remain unaltered for several days; brilliant colour, perfect shape, tempting flavour, irresistable fragrance.
The indirect ventilation ensures a perfect temperature in the entire chamber, operating gently on the product; the ventilators stop automatically as soon as the door opens to avoid the introduction of air inside the chamber.

Time advantages: it’s possible to improve the workload organization, shortening the production process, preparing food in advance, widening the range of products and mantaining perfectly unchanged all the qualities of your specialties.

Economic advantages: purchasing row materials in bulk, reducing waste like the deterioration of creams, cakes and more, flexibility and organization of the staffing timetable.