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Gel Matic machines are tested “in the field” throughout the world in a wide variety of climates and environmental conditions. The reliability of all components ensures the optimised working efficiency thus productivity of Gel Matic machines. The careful ergonomic design of the structure and controls makes the machines particularly easy to use.

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Two systems are used to transfer the mixture from the stainless steel hoppers kept at a controlled temperature to the freezing cylinders: gravity (GR) or via a gear pump (PM). The gravity system is simple and reliable, and guarantees a good overrun (increase in volume). The pressurising gear pump system, on the other hand, increases output capacity and lets one increase the overrun even more.

The Bag-in-Box (BiB) and heat treatment (HT) systems are Gel Matic’s answer for those who want maximum hygiene. The practical BiB container holding the liquid mixture sits in a refrigerating cabinet and eliminates virtually all contact with the air.

The machines based on HT technology offer the opportunity to heat treat the mixture thanks to a special refrigeration system monitored and run via (Interactive control & Diagnosis System).

Gel Matic has always been the expert in express blending and freezing units. By concentrating on a single activity, we have been able to develop dedicated technologies and processes that enable anyone to produce excellent gelato and ice cream.

Gel Matic has been founded in 1972 by Giambattista Guerini, assembled the first gelato machines, grew quickly and in 2001 Andrea Guerini, son of the founder, joined the company. Dynamism and flexibility are now the new keywords that allow the company to establish itself in the world: this expansion has now reached all five continents. In 2005 the company joined Acomag – the Italian national association of gelato machinery and equipment manufacturers.