It is a genuine product

Everybody likes it

It can be customized and highly versatile

There is a high and growing demand for healthy, quality food

The consumption levels of gelato and similar products are high and still growing worldwide

The product is freshly made in minutes

Reduced investment

and management costs

High profit margins


Gelato is a product made from a mixture of ingredients blended to a creamy state through rapid freezing and simultaneous blending that allow to incorporate air.


Frozen yogurt is made using the same process as gelato. It is a healthy, light yogurt based product containing probiotics. It is a low fat alternative to gelato.


The ingredients for preparing gelato and frozen yogurt fall into two categories:

  • liquids: milk, cream, yogurt, water, fruit, eggs, liquid flavourings
  • solids: sugars, butters, chocolate, hazelnuts, pistachios and walnuts

The ingredients are combined according to a set of specific criteria and measurements; this technique is called balancing.

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