Small batch freezer with storage


Quartetto is the professional small batch freezer for chefs. Featuring a high output capacity and short production cycles, the unit is used to make excellent dairy gelato and fresh fruit sherbets.

Using Quartetto is both easy and intuitive: simply pour the mix into the top compartment, close the safety cover and start the production cycle. An acoustic signal alerts you when the dessert is ready.

Production per cycle | kg2-3
Temperature refrigerated compartment | Cfrom -8°C to -15°C with 4 steel tubs of 3 kg gelato each
Electrical Specifications | Volt230
Electrical Specifications | Hz50
Electrical Specifications | kW2.1
Electrical Specifications | Phases1
Condenser | –Air

This batch freezer features:
– A production cylinder for gelato on demand
– Programmable gelato consistency
– Automatic gelato extraction
– A support shelf for the stainless steel tub
– A chilled compartment to store 4 tubs

Aditional Information
Weight115 kg
Dimensions57 × 54 × 115 cm

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