Gelato machine with Pasteurise & Batch Freezer

The synthesis of Carpigiani technology to process hot and cold mixtures and produce good, fresh gelato.
Performance: Highly focused because it mixes, heats, and freezes in the same cylinder.
Ergonomic: The operator uses the machine while standing straight, and the simple push-buttons are accessible even while adding mix.
Safety: Rounded corners on all parts of the machine closest to the operator ensure a high level of injury prevention.
Hygiene: The cylinder is washed at high temperatures. The stainless steel door, the beater, and the extraction chute are all removable, ensuring complete cleanliness.
Savings: Ready technology makes it possible to complete the full gelato production process in just onemachine.
Aditional Information
Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 52 × 65 × 140 cm

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