Diva cabinet

Gelato / Ice Cream / Pastry Cabinet


ISA Diva is the new exponent of the elegance by Isa: a perfect balance between design, aesthetics and functionality that enhances the food appeal of the product and gives a touch of charme to the environment, thanks to the volumes, that fit together in a harmonious way, the wide transparent surfaces of the glass frame (without front pillars and with lateral pillars that have reduced thickness) and thanks to the sober and refined nuances of the front and side panels. Diva is equipped with on-board or remote latest generation condenser with double ventilation refrigeration system and inversion defrost cycle. The glass frame with a single glass and laminated sides allow to keep a good balance between performance and aesthetics. The temperature control is adjusted by a control unit and by an anti-fog control system.

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ISA Diva120170220
External dimensionsH1201176 x 1103 x 1257mm1671 x 1103 x 1257 mm2166 x 1103 x 1257 mm
H1401176 x 1103 x 1408 mm1671 x 1103 x 1408 mm2166 x 1103 x 1408 mm
Capacity (gross/net)H120719 / 147 lt1059 / 216 lt1399 / 285 lt
H140865 / 147 lt1273 / 216 lt1680 / 285 lt
Net weightH120300 kg375kg470 kg
H140325 kg385kg480 kg
Climatic class7
Operating conditions+35ºC/ 75 %RH
Cabinet capacity range-20 / +2 ºC
Product temperature-16 / -14 ºC
Compressor (type)Hermetic2 Hermetic2 Hermetic
DefrostReverse Cycle
Power supply230 V / 1 Ph / 50Hz400 V / 3 Ph / 50Hz400 V / 3 Ph / 50Hz
Electrical input (standard)1240 W / 6A1720W / 3A2700 W / 4.2 A
Electrical input (defrost)2300 W / 11A2950 W / 4.9 A6300 W / 8.5 A


More information available on ISA DIVA Display Cabinet Catalogue

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