Cristal Tower

Gelato / Pastry Vertical Showcase

Exhibition strength, food appeal and high performance.


Transparency, exhibition strength, food appeal, performance Cristal Tower is a jewel of design and technology for your store.

Cristal Tower catches the eyes of your customers and encourages them to buy your masterpieces.

The Cristal Tower range has five shelves with perfect visibility, the monolithic structure insulated with ecological polyurethane with low environmental impact, optimal illumination thanks to LED technology, high efficiency even with frequent door openings, automatic hot gas defrosting. In the ventilated version, tempered glass shelves adjustable in height, with the possibility of loading up to 25 kg per shelf. Cristal Tower is ideal for the display and sale of frozen desserts, ice cream and ice cream cakes, pastries, pralines
and chocolate products.

Door opening device with TOUCH PAD system directly on the glass

Just one touch and your world is at your fingertips. Touching the opening button, the green lights light up one after the other and the door opens automatically. (door without handle) / OPTIONAL

Base shelf in glass with LED lighting Catch the eyes of your customers. Other light points to further increase the exhibition strength of your Cristal Tower (except model TB) / OPTIONAL

Touch Technology A simple, fast and intuitive way to adjust Cristal Tower. You just need to tap the silkscreen printed icons on the front glass panel.

Cristal Tower white

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