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CoronaVirus COVID-19

Dear loyal Majors Group and Rubicone customers,

As a competent importer and the Australian market leader, Majors Group has controlled our stock to insulate from all global impacts.

Our warehouses are FULL; our stock levels are at “summer levels” and, should our supply chain (from Italy) have any hiccups or delays, we (and you) are well protected from any stock shortage issues.

As the undisputed market leader in Australasia, and against the wishes of our banks, we have invested heavily in ensuring that we will “never run out”.

In short, DO NOT FEAR, keep making ice-cream, we are always at your side.

From time to time, you may find a backorder on a “non-core item”. This is a normal but rare occurrence.

Should you require any further information please contact your sales representative.
Thank you, as usual, for your unwavering and loyal support.

Majors Group Management Team