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  1. One button to make an Ice-cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yoghurt.
  2. Easy & Simple cleaning.
  3. Low energy and water consumption.
  4. Compact Unit, Easy Installation.
  5. Remote monitoring ready.
BGI Gelato machine
BGI Gelato machine

The best ice cream is just-churned fresh. Up to now only ice-cream makers had the chance to taste it that way! With continuous churning this treat is finally available to everyone.

Very simple production of high-quality ice cream right in front of customers. The product is as fresh as possible and customers see the product being churned and served from the same compact machine.

BGI Gelato machine
  • Our machines have been specially designed for constant churning.
  • The electric power required is extremely low (0.75 kW / cylinder) with considerable reduction in energy consumption.
  • All functions of each cylinder are completely independent.
  • It is possible to top up each cylinder with fresh liquid mix or add other ingredients (fruit, chocolate, nuts) any time.
  • The churning process is visible to the customer, all the time.
  • The machine works perfectly with a small amount of ice cream thus reducing wastage to the minimum.
  • The consistency of the ice cream can be adjusted to taste by simply varying the mixer speed.
  • The mixer speed is driven by a geared motor and inverter, a solution that guarantees higher reliability and the best mixing of the freshly-added liquid mix with the ice cream already present in the cylinder.
  • The optimal cooling power level is guaranteed by the use of a thermostatic valve.
  • Both body and frame are made from AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Watercooled models can be supplied with an energy meter to monitor the water flow and working temperature.
BGI Gelato machine


The FC electronic control panel is intuitive, easy to use and enables each individual cylinder to be managed separately. It is possible to program up to 59 processing cycles (recipes), one for each flavour, there is also a night-time operation program. Assisted self-learning makes recipe programming fast and easy.

BGI Gelato machine


A useful web-based app enables simultaneous programming and remote monitoring of all cylinders, it can be used on smart phones, tablets or PCs.