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Carpigiani Compacta VarioTopping for ice cream -

Compacta Vario

With the introduction of Compacta has implemented a new design and manufacture philosophy for its gelato and ice cream workshop equipment.

Pasteuriser and batch freezer machine

Continuos Freezer 1500 - Technogel Ice cream factory equipment

Continuous Freezers

Ice Cream Equipment – Continuous Freezers

Explorer – 100Litre – 200Litre – 400Litre – 600Litre – 700Litre – 1500litre per hour production

Granisun 1 bowl Fast FreezeTopping for ice cream -

Granisun 1 Bowl Fast Freeze


Main features:

  • High production capacity each bowl (12 lt.)
  • Lighted cover with lock safety system
  • Blue plastic panels
  • Drip tray with “tray full” device
  • Bowl and spigot easily removable without the aid of any tool for quick cleaning and total hygiene.

Options available upon request:

  • Weekly mechanical timer
  • Plastic components in different colors
  • Customized panels
  • Smoked bowl