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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]GELATO AND YOGURT MIXES
9 basic programs to produce all kinds of basic and complete gelato mixes and yogurt

  • High pasteurization 85°C
  • Low pasteurization 65°C
  • Intermediate pasteurization
  • Chocolate pasteurization 90°C
  • Cooling Aging
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Inverted Sugar
  • Liquid yogurt
  • Dense yogurt


Programs to produce 7 sauces that together with the base mixes can be used to quickly produce classic gelato flavors:
  • Cream Sauce
  • Zabaione Sauce
  • Cocoa Sauce
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Fruit Sauce
  • Citrus Sauce
  • Lemon Sauce
Programs to produce 6 artisanal specialties to offer in your gelato shop:
  • Pudding
  • Panna Cotta 1
  • Panna Cotta 2
  • Bavarian cream
  • Semifreddo base
  • Italian Meringue

There are 5 free programs so that the gelato artisan can personalize and memorize proprietary pasteurization cycles.

*Pastomaster 60 HE models only

Carpigiani Pastomaster HE


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