GHZ 2 228 Autofill

GHZ 2 Bowl Slush Machine
Granita Slush Machine – 1 Bowl / 2 Bowl / 3 Bowl Fast Freeze

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The perfect mix. The perfect asymmetric patented bowl, which consists in two different volume differenced areas makes a better product mixing and avoids the accumulation of product and ice blocks on the machine, which generally causes malfunctioning problems on the machine. Standard machines are coming out in FAST FREEZE version, whose enhanced refrigeration system cuts down on product preparation times considerably, making this the ideal model for premises whose fast turnover in sale of slush, sherbet and other frozen drinks requires the performance of a quick and efficient machine. The machine is equipped with an innovative electronic thermostat with a digital display, that it indicates the temperature of the beverages. The solution is in compliance with the new european regulations for cold drinks conservation.

Easy to manipulate

The exclusive patented Granisun tap it is made by two different pieces: a bigger one which is in charge of the opening system in two different directions. There is also a smaller part located on the central part of the tap, this piece is responsible for locking and unlocking the anchor from the tap. Thanks to this new patented system, the tap can be removed with just one hand.

More hygiene, less efforts.

The new bowl assembly system, completely smooth, prevents product entrapment, making easier the subsequent cleaning of the bowl. You can achieve in this way a total hygiene in less time than with other regular bowls.

Main features:

• High production capacity each bowl (12 lt.).

• Lighted cover with lock safety system.

• Blue plastic panels.

• Drip tray with “tray full” device.

• Bowl and spigot easily removable without the aid of any tool for quick cleaning and total hygiene.

Options available upon request:

• Weekly mechanical timer

• Plastic components in different colors.

• Customized panels.

• Smoked bowl.