Yoghurt Topping Counter 16

Gemm Dessert Topping Counter 16


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Display and serving of 16 different toppings.

TYO/ 16 Yoghurt Topping Counter is the 6best refrigerated base for frozen yoghurt in terms of quality and reliability. It is designed to display 20 different toppings. It is made up of stainless steel and provided with a ventilated cooling system and digital thermostat in full compliance with the hygiene-healthy standards in force.


Yogurt topping counter
composed by no. 2 GN 1/1 doors and 40 cm neutral cupboard on the left. Internal/external in stainless steel
Dimensions: 160 x 70 x 90h cm
Capacity: no. 16 GN 1/6 containers mm 150h (no. 12 refrigerated + no. 4 neutral)
Temperature controller: digital thermostat
Temperature: +2/+8°C
Compressor: incorporated at right side
Equipment: no. 2 GN 1/1 racks + no. 2 pairs of runners + set of trays support
Power: 0,280kW
Voltage: Volt 1×230/50Hz
Not included: GN trays

Note: ventilated cooling system