Gringo Biscuit

A perfect combination between a Gelato with Butter Cookies fl avor and a rich Chocolate sauce with crispy chunks of chocolate biscuits.


Inspired by a famous snack, it surprises you with its Peanut fl avor combied with Chocolate and Hazelnut variegate with a cascade of … caramelized peanuts!


White Chocolate, Coconut and Hazelnut grains are the high quality elements joining in a irresistible and white union.


Mascarpone represents an Italian delicacy, a white, creamy and sweet cheese know worldwide. RUBICONE recreates, in a concentrated product in powder, all the fi ne taste of Mascarpone, rich in perfumes and versatile for endless combinations.


The delicate aroma of Bourbon Vanilla dives in the white base sea.

An amazing fi nal result thanks to this high quality concentrated paste.


The famous Chocolate & Nougat tablet from Switzerland inspired this Gelato fl avor, simply irresistible with its concentrated paste with Milk Chocolate and Nougat crumble.

Salted Caramel

Sweet and Salty join together in this simply innovative fl avor. Its French origin gives it a chic and refi ned touch, that surprises you at every spoon of Gelato with its contrasted notes.


Do you love the famous gianuja praline covered by hazelnut grains? Then, catch the opportunity to taste this fl avor: excellent Chocolate & Hazelnut fl avored Gelato enriched by its variegate full of Hazelnut grains.


Sour Cherry e Rhum fl avored Chocolate are a perfect couple in this Gelato fl avor, with warm color and captivating taste, enriched by the variegate with whole and in pieces Sour Cherries.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie, the traditional American cake, present itself in a “frozen” version! Shortbread, apple and cinnamon fl avor stuffed with its Variegate with apple pieces.

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