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Gringo Biscuit

A perfect combination between a Gelato with Butter Cookies fl avor and a rich Chocolate sauce with crispy chunks of chocolate biscuits.
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Inspired by a famous snack, it surprises you with its Peanut fl avor combied with Chocolate and Hazelnut variegate with a cascade of … caramelized peanuts!
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White Chocolate, Coconut and Hazelnut grains are the high quality elements joining in a irresistible and white union.

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Mascarpone represents an Italian delicacy, a white, creamy and sweet cheese know worldwide. RUBICONE recreates, in a concentrated product in powder, all the fi ne taste of Mascarpone, rich in perfumes and versatile for endless combinations.
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The delicate aroma of Bourbon Vanilla dives in the white base sea.

An amazing fi nal result thanks to this high quality concentrated paste.
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The famous Chocolate & Nougat tablet from Switzerland inspired this Gelato fl avor, simply irresistible with its concentrated paste with Milk Chocolate and Nougat crumble.
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Salted Caramel

Sweet and Salty join together in this simply innovative fl avor. Its French origin gives it a chic and refi ned touch, that surprises you at every spoon of Gelato with its contrasted notes.
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Do you love the famous gianuja praline covered by hazelnut grains? Then, catch the opportunity to taste this fl avor: excellent Chocolate & Hazelnut fl avored Gelato enriched by its variegate full of Hazelnut grains.
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Sour Cherry e Rhum fl avored Chocolate are a perfect couple in this Gelato fl avor, with warm color and captivating taste, enriched by the variegate with whole and in pieces Sour Cherries.
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Apple Pie

Apple Pie, the traditional American cake, present itself in a “frozen” version! Shortbread, apple and cinnamon fl avor stuffed with its Variegate with apple pieces.
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