glassy line 4000 series Fridge & Freezer

Tekna 4000 series
Commercial Fridge & Freezer Unit


Tekna glassy line 4100 Fridge & Freezer

With a range of more than 100 models, the ‘Glassy ‘ Line is the most complete on the market. For the variety of sizes, exhibition sides, storage temperature, type of refrigeration, materials, colours, options and accessories

is able to meet all the demands of the market. It is possible within the line to the model that can satisfy any request.

Dimensions from 46 cm up to almost 3 meters lenght, height from 120 cm, depth from 55, 64 and 76 cm can ensure the customer the optimization of the available spaces .

For each model, you can choose how many and which glass sides , double-glazed for positive temperature, and triple-glazed low-emissivity and double room with inert gas and anti-condensation resistance for the series NFN and NT.

The cooling can be chosen : positive static , positive ventilated, negative static and negative ventilated or combined version to have two or more storage temperatures in the same display . For warmer environments it is also available the option tropical. For those who need the ‘Glassy’ line showcases can be supplied with remote engine or H2O condensation system.

The wide range of colours and materials makes possible the harmonious integration of a ‘Glassy ‘ Line showcase within the most diverse locations.

ModelNO FROSTSTATICTempMotorKWLtKgW cmD cmH cm

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