Technogel MixWorking Plant
Mix Preparation – Batch – HTST – Ageing Vats – Water Chiller Vats

Mix Working - Technogel Ice Cream Factory


The Technogel Mixworking machines are continuous closed cycle plants for instant pasteurising, homogenizing and cooling of ice-cream mix with a production capacity from 300 to 600 L/h.

  • The plants are composed of:
  • 2 mixing and pasteurising vats
  • Pump to transfer the mix and a filter
  • Homogenizer
  • Cooling system
  • Electrical control panel
  • Base.
ice cream mix Production plant HTST Series

MIXWORKING HTST – Pasteurising plants HTST

Technogel has made a range of plants for the treatment of ice-cream mix with HTST pasteurisers (High Temperature Short Time).

The plant is basically composed of:

  • Mix tank and pre-heating at + 55°C
  • Centrifuge pump with double filter
  • Constant level tank
  • Centrifuge pump to transfer mix to exchanger
  • Pasteurising plate exchanger
  • Holder tube
  • Flow diversion valve
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Homogeniser
  • The HTST mixworking machines are available with capacities from 600 to 5000 L/h.
Ageing Vats - Technogel Ice cream factory equipment


The vats are in stainless steel of 150 to 3000 litres for the stocking and conservation at +4°C of icecream mix. The refrigeration is carried out by means of water circulation at +2°C produced by a special ice water vat. The ice water runs through special steel coils on the lateral surface of the vat, insulated by injected expanded polyurethane. The ice-cream mix is aged in order to guarantee a perfect homogeneity and creaminess to the finished product.

Water Chiller 3 - Technogel Ice cream factory equipment


The necessary ice water vats to include to the mix treatment plants Mod. Mixworking, supply ice water (+2°C) to both the ageing vats for the conservation of the mix at 4°C and to the plate exchanger for the instant cooling of the ice-cream mix at +4°C

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