Fruit Feeder Ice Cream FF10

Fruit Feeder Ice Cream FF10


Renowned worldwide for their advanced technology and absolute reliability, technogel’s fruit dispensers will fullfill production requirements up to 5000 litres per hour.
All machine parts coming into contact with the ice cream and ingredients are made of stainless steel and other materials suitable for use with food products.
All mixers have parts such as ingredient-mixing components/pump rotor/mixer arm, etc., with direct transmission via independent speed regulators. The screw and pump rotor motors are fitted with luminous display counters for instant easy reading and setting of production parameters. The ingredients are added to the ice cream by means of a rotor containing a piston which alternates movement and simultaneously collects the ingredients at one end and pushes them into the flow of ice cream at the other end. The entire system is designed to avoid ice cream leakage.

FF10/ E

Technogel’s range of electronic fruit dispensers ensures better perfomance than traditional machines. All motor reduction units (screw, piston, and mixer) have been replaced with inverters to give a wider and finer range of adjustment. The machines have been fitted with alphanumerical PLC which controls and adjusts all functions. A self-diagnosis system is fitted to facilitate troubleshooting. Machine characteristics also include:

C.I.P. washing program
Flexible recipe programming at the user’s discretion
Intermittent dispensing system to ensure operation with light flow of ice cream

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