Technogel Agetwin 120+120

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Technogel Agetwin 120+120

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Ageing vats Agetwin 120 + 120, made entirely of stainless steel, the vats have printed circuits on the tanks for the circulation of the refrigerating gas. The ice-cream mix is maintained at +4°C and is slowly stirred to ensure homogeneity and to make the finished icecream firmer and creamier. The machines are supplied with both thermometers for remote-controlled temperature reading and with switches for independent operation of the two ageing vats.
Cooling of the mix is extremely rapid thanks to the extremely powerful semi-hermetic compressors.

  • 120 Litre x 2
  • Installed electrical power (kW)2,26
  • Compressor Power (Kw)2,2
  • CoolingWater or Air
  • Refrigerating gasFreon R 134 A
  • Electric Power (phase)400 Volt/50 Hz/3
  • Dimensions (diameter x height mm.)880x930x1380
  • Net Weight (Kg)255
  • Gross Weight (Kg)385