Tekna LP460 NFN
Line of counter refrigerators with ventilated (No- Frost ) refrigeration system available in both positive temperature (NFP ) and negative ( NFN ). 

( +10ºC/ -5ºC)

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With its dimensions and internal visibility, the ” compact” line is ideal for those who need to display and store most of their products in reduced spaces.

  • The engine compartment is covered with a semi-transparent plastic lighting box, that can be customised with clients’ logos.
  •  External .nish: anodised aluminum silver or bronze standard, black ,polished chrome effect as well as coated on demand.
  • Using of low-e glass double compartment with inert gas and triple glass for

NFN series 

  • Inside lighting, contact fans’ stop when opened door, treated grid shelves or glass shelves upon request and without additional costs.
  • Automatic Defrost, condensing water elimination. Defrost with the use of hot gas for NFN series, with electrical resistance for NFP series.
LP 670NFP+10/-510.3160906755107
LP 670NFN+5/-2510.5160906755107

Additional information


[Click here to download the PDF catalogue](http://majorsgroup.com.au/catalogue/commercial/Majors_Gemm-Blast-Freezer.pdf)