Olimpica, avantgarde shape and size. Ice Cream Cabinet.

Minimal: this is the first impression that the models of the olimpica line give, one of the latest creations developed by isa.

Basic and simplicity are never synonymous with being spartan but, on the contrary, are a very precise study for a natural solution. These ice cream cabinets are an expression of elegance which do not require anything superficial and end up transmitting a sense of dynamism and refinement. This minimalist result also takes on the avantgarde shape, which recalls in sections contemporary art. The dinamic profile of the glass superstructure combined with the different base units in the end underline the unique character of the olimpica.

There are three olimpica models available:

  • Olimpica Frame
  • Olimpica Bold
  • Olimpica Mesh

The main selling point: more space for your clients thanks to the depth of only 940mm.

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