COLD STONE / gelato / frozen pastry / Ice Cream


BMIX is a counter that’s been designed specifically for the preparation of scooped ice cream dishes. This ISA model features an epoxy powder coated carbon steel base with adjustable support feet. The rest of the BMIX unit is made entirely of stainless steel: in fact, ISA dedicates particular attention to the selection of its materials. Thus, the counter’s support structure, work surface and rear panel are all manufactured in polished stainless steel. The cooling coil is recessed within the stainless steel condensate collection channel around the perimeter in order to cool the refrigerated marble slab. The main features of the BMIX model include:

  • Operating temperature of -12°C to 10°C;
  • The work surface comes equipped with 3 round stainless steel pans, which are heated by an electrical heating element positioned on the external portion of the basin’s base;
  • Water filler tap with drain and overflow;
  • Hopper, recessed sink with mixer tap and storage compartment all made from polished stainless steel.
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