Frozen pastry machine

Counter top unit


Frozen Pastry – Create gelato on a stick and gelato cakes with maximum simplicity Milkshakes, even in Portions

The continuous artisanal production machine
This innovative Carpigiani MISTER ART machine produces gelato and frozen pastry specialties, trendy treats that attract demanding customers.

Carpigiani MISTER ART – Production
A gelato shop production space has two fundamental machines:
• the Pasteurizer, to prepare mixes
• the Batch Freezer, to produce gelato
Mister Art has an upper tank for pasteurizing mixes, and a cylinder below to freeze gelato, combining a complete gelato production system in just one machine.

Carpigiani MISTER ART – Artisanal

Artisanal mixes are prepared in Carpigiani MISTER ART ‘s pasteurizing tank using natural ingredients: fresh milk, cream, sugar, eggs, fruit pulp, and so on. The display shows production progress and suggests when to add ingredients.

Carpigiani MISTER ART – Continuous

Mister Art’s freezing cylinder produces gelato continuously. Every time gelato is extracted, an equal amount of fresh mix is transferred from the pasteurizer into the cylinder, which, continuing the freezing cycle, is always ready with more product.

Pasteurizer capacity | Liters8 ÷ 10
Freezing capacity | Kg x hour10 ÷ 20
Condenser | –Air or Water
Nominal power | kW2,4
Power supply | Volt400
Power supply | Ph3
Power supply | Hz50
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Aditional Information
Weight140 kg
Dimensions75.5 × 50.5 × 83 cm

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